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Thursday, April 6th 2017 10:32pm

Hello and welcome once more to our blog here at Maydown Fireplaces, the No 1 supplier and fitters of fireplaces and stoves in Northern Ireland. Today we thought we would like to share with you a few fireplaces that we have recently fitted for some of our clients so please check the following out:

Estada Sienna Stone Fireplace

Fitted Fireplace

Newbridge Suite Fireplace

New Fireplaces

Tara CW Arched Hearth And Cream Stove

Hearth And Stove

Cabra Sienna Stone CW Cast 3 Electric And Mirror

Fireplaces Fitted

Dublin Marfil CW Cast 3 Electric

Marfil Fireplace

So whether it is a fireplace, hearth, stove or anything else you require the place to come is Maydown Fireplaces here in Armagh in Northern Ireland. We have a fabulous range of fireplaces and stoves available for you, we have some very special deals and we are expert fitters.

For more information on what we have available please give us a call on 028 3752 3335 and we will be glad to be of service to you.


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