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Stylish Stoves Becoming The Centrepiece Of The Home

Wednesday, August 30th 2017 8:27pm

There is no doubt that the classic, stylish look of the traditional stove is back with a vengeance and they are becoming hugely popular as the centrepiece of peoples homes. They have a timeless look which seems to give a room a certain authority and they are very aesthetically pleasing on the eye.

Cheaper To Run Than Electricity Or Gas

Wood Burning Stoves

Besides the fact that they look so good one other big advantage to a wood burning stove is that they are cheaper to run than an electricity or gas fire. As all of us are very much aware especially as autumn approaches, the prices of gas and electricity are forever on an upward rise. But if you are have a wood burner the cost of wood had pretty much remained static or relatively low at least over the last few years. So you can get a roaring fire with a stove and save money on your utility bills as well which is a win-win situation.

We like the fact that using wood to heat your home is an environmentally friendly option too, you are not using up the earths fossil fuels and wood is a renewable source of energy. So if you want to choose an ecologically sound way of heating your home then choose a wood burning stove every time.

Stoves Are Perfect For Cold Winter Evenings

A wood burning stove gives you that great glow in your home which can sometimes keep you transfixed. Watching the wood burn in your stove can often be more entertaining than watching the TV!! Warm and cosy comes to mind which is perfect for those cold winter evenings.

Another plus I like about a wood burning stove is the sounds they make. The crackle and sparking of the fire can be very entertaining and you can`t beat having a short nap on your sofa as the stove crackles in the hearth! What more could anyone want?

Maydown Fireplaces Stoves

If a wood burning stove is for you we certainly have a number of options available for you here at Maydown Fireplaces. To check out our wide range of stoves why not call into our showroom or alternatively you can give us a call on 028 3752 3335.

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