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Latest News | Wood Burning Stoves Are An Environmentally Friendly Way To Heat Your Home

Wood Burning Stoves Are An Environmentally Friendly Way To Heat Your Home

Friday, November 24th 2017 3:28pm

Welcome to our blog here at Maydown Fireplaces in Armagh, the premier fireplace centre in Northern Ireland. Today in our blog we thought we would look at the ecological benefits of using a traditional wood burning stove to heat up your home. The environment is becoming a hot topic in more ways than one with many scientists and experts believing we are at a tipping point when it comes to global warming, so everything we can do to make sure it tips the right way must be a good thing.

Wood Is A Renewable Energy Source

Wood Burning Stoves Supplied

The fuel for a wood burning fire is of course wood, which is a renewable source of energy. If you source you wood from your local area where it is being constantly renewed then this not only reduces your carbon footprint but is of benefit to your local community.

It is preferable if the wood logs that you use have been seasoned for a year or two. This way the moisture content has greatly decreased and this helps to avoid tar building up in your flue (don`t forget to have your flue cleaned and serviced at least every 12 months by the way). This will also ensure very little smoke is produced from the burning of the logs, also helping the environment.

Stoves Built To Exacting Standards

Environmentally Friendly Wood Burning Stoves

The new stoves that are built today are a lot more efficient than their older counterparts as technology and knowledge has improved greatly over the last 10 to 20 years. They are independently tested to exacting European standards for both heating efficiency and emissions. So todays wood burners burn cleaner and a great deal more efficiently and they also look fantastic and are a real focal point in the home.

If you are thinking of treating yourself to a wood burning stove or fire we have a wide range of them available, and of course we can install them for you too. For more information on what we have in supply you can have look around the website but also you can give us a call on 028 3752 3335.


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