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Latest News | The Best Types Of Wood For Your Wood Burning Stove

The Best Types Of Wood For Your Wood Burning Stove

Wednesday, January 17th 2018 8:40pm

Welcome to our blog and our first post of 2018, and with that in mind we would like to wish you a Happy New Year! Today we thought we would share with you some information on the best types of wood to use on your wood burning stove. The information supplied below is from an article on the Which website and you can read the full article if you wish at the link.

70% Not Burning The Most Efficient Fuel

Best Fuel For Wood Burning StovesThe article says that 70% of the people who own these popular wood burning stoves aren`t using the most efficient fuel. Here is an excerpt from the article:

`You should ideally only burn wood with 20% or less moisture content. This is because:
  • It's more efficient. Energy won't be wasted having to burn off the water first, so the heat output will be higher.
  • Fewer potentially harmful particulates/air pollution are released into the air than when burning wet wood.
  • It will minimise sooty deposits building up in your chimney, which can be a fire hazard.

Seasoned logs - ones that you have partially dried out or that have been dried out by the manufacturer - contain around 25% to 40% moisture. Because of this, they have a heat output of around 3kWh per kg.
Kiln-dried logs, which are dried out in a kiln before being sold, contain less than 20% moisture. Burning this type of logs produces a heat output of around 4.5kWh per kg.

Free wood that has been collected could have as much as 90% moisture in it. The heat output could therefore be just 1kWh per kg. Briquettes - fuel created from crushing recycled wood or paper - have a low moisture content. It can be as little as 10% or less, so they have a heat output of around 5kWh per kg. Only six of the 237 people we asked use this type of fuel.`

Look For The Ready To Burn Logo

This is all very good advice which we thought was well worth sharing with you. The article goes on to say that you should look for the `Ready To Burn` logo on any wood that you purchase as then you will know that the wood has 20% moisture or less in it.

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